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Free Create Usb Key download.

Sponsored links: AVUSBD 2.2 - Allows using any USB equipment located far away through TCP/IP network.

While the operation of different facilities, which are connected to a computer via a USB port , there may occur the necessity to start up a utility program (for these facilities) not in the machine the facilities are connected directly to, but in the remote machine connected to the facility 1 0 7

computer via a usb port, facility server, network iDevice Manager (formerly iPhone Explorer) - Create ringtones for iPhone from MP3 or copy music, videos or photos from iPhone

Create personal ringtones from MP3 songs for the iPhone. iDevice Manager will enable you to download or upload music, photos, videos or ringtones from or to your iPhone. Search engine to find your favorite music and video artists, titles, genres, album, title of a year and much more. Explore the 123 0 52

idevice manager, create ringtones from mp3 for iphone, create ringtones for iphone from mp3

Sponsored links: Anvi Rescue Disk 1.0 - Free tool to remove all kind of ransomware virus which lock your computer.

Anvi Rescue Disk was designed to be used when regular antivirus software fails in detecting and cleaning a system of various infections. The ISO can be burned on a CD/DVD using your disc burner or choice. It can also be placed on a bootable USB device and launched from there. Here's how it 30 0 37

fix the ransomware viruses, anvi rescue disk 1 0, bootable usb device Steganos Password Manager 12.0.6 - Password protection on the highest level – secure and easy to use!

If you're like the rest of us, you've got more than a few passwords and PIN numbers to keep track of: online shopping accounts , web forums , email and bank accounts . But as your password and PIN list grows, so does the difficulty remembering them. At-the-ready passwords on scraps of paper 12 0 18

steganos password manager 12 0 6, steganos password manager, online shopping accounts WirelessKeyView 1.67 - Recover wireless network keys (WEP/WPA) stored in your computer

WirelessKeyView is a reliable software that helps you to recover all wireless network keys (WEP / WPA) stored in your computer. It allows you to easily save all keys to text / html / xml file, or copy a single key to the clipboard After you run it, the main window should displayed all WEP/WPA 13 0 12

recover wireless network key, wireless network key, wep key Anti Boss Key - Hide windows quickly! 4.5 - Instantly hide windows (applications) with a single key stroke

Hide your inappropriate computing. Boss Key - instantly hide windows (applications) in order to prevent uninvited persons from seeing them and to protect privacy . There are not any adware , spy ware , banners or pop ups included in this package! Instantly hide / restore all windows 21 0 16

instantly hide windows, hide windows quickly, anti boss key Autoplay Menu Designer Home Personal 3.4 - Build a beautiful and interactive autorun menu for CD-ROM, DVD, USB Flash Drives

Autorun Menu Designer is a powerful tool that lets you build a beautiful and interactive autorun menu for CD-ROM , DVD , USB Flash Drives , without any programming skills. Using the simple wizard and many professional layouts, you can easily create a new project and blend shapes, buttons, 63 0 28

autorun menu designer, build autorun menu for cd rom, build autorun menu for dvd DeepBurner 1.9 - Create Data Cds, Bootable CDs, and Audio CDs as well as data DVDs

DeepBurner is a CD/DVD burning software that lets you create Data Cds, Bootable CDs, and Audio CDs as well as data DVDs. In addition, it lets you burn ISO files, create ISO images and includes a tool to create and print CD/DVD labels, and also lets you design an auto start menu to launch documents 12 0 9

deepburner, create data cds, bootable cds maker qs Hotkeys 2.0 - Create keyboard shortcuts

qs Hotkeys allows you define custom keyboard hotkeys that are triggered when you press the Wondows key (the one with the Windows flag on it). It comes pre-loaded with shortcuts for several system function like Control Panel, Volume, My Documents etc., and you can add your own hotkey commands as 6 0 279

create keyboard shortcuts, qs hotkeys, keyboard shortcuts creator Backup Key Recovery 1.8.3 - Recover popular software product keys from a crashed hard disk drive!

Backup Key Recovery retrieves product keys for Windows, MS Office, SQL Server, Adobe products and more than 2500 popular software products installed on your crashed hard disk drive. Before using software you should recover registry files in your crashed hard drive if they are damaged, then 6 0 29

key recovery, backup key, recover product keys Aloaha PDF Crypter 2.1.171 - Seal your PDF with the public key of the recipient

Aloaha PDF Crypter seals your PDF with the public key of the recipient. Non PDF files are beeing compressed and PKCS#7 enveloped. No special decryption client needed. Adobe Reader 6 or 7 is enough. Seal PDF Documents secure that they can only be displayed with the right private key. 6 0 16

seal pdf documents secure, seal pdf, pdf crypter CryptoExpert 8 8.24 - Secure offline data storage for Windows 7

CryptoExpert 8 uses a real-time on-the-fly encryption system to provide secure offline storages for Windows 7 users . Physically your documents are stored in the single encrypted vault file, but in the unlocked state the vault is visible to all windows applications like any usual local drive. 20 0 19

windows applications, windows application, cryptoexpert 8 8 24 Advanced Encryption Package Professional 5.67 - 128-2048 bit file encryption, secure file deletion, self-decrypting files

File encryption software Compatible with Windows (r) 7. Advaned Encryption Package uses 20 encryption algorithms (including AES 256-bit) to protect documents from prying eyes . It can create self-decrypting versions of encrypted files - the recipient of this file will not need to have 16 0 18

128 2048 bit file encryption, secure file deletion, self decrypting files Password Manager XP 3.1.576 - Store your passwords securely on local computer and USB flash drives.

Password Manager XP is a convenient software application for storing passwords , access codes , social security and credit card numbers and other valuable information that needs protection. It will be your passwords and secrets keeper. Protect your private data with this password management 3 0 30

password manager xp 3 1 576, software application, password management abylon SELFCERT 9.50.7 - Create self-signed X.509 v3 certificates (PKCS / RSA) for private use

This Tool create self-signed test certificates (X.509 v3) for private use. It is very easy to create and you can encrypt data with this certificate. Functional range: 1. Generation of self-signed X.509 v3 test certificates 2. Automatic installation after the certificate generation 3. 13 0 12

create self signed test certificates for private use, create self signed test certificates, encrypt data

apeCDburner 1.0.1 - Burn APE formats to audio CDs

apeCDburner is an application you can use to encode APE formats and burn them in order to create audio CDs. apeCDburner supports all current hardware interfaces such as IDE, USB, SCSI, or SATA and it is able to use high write speeds. You can also use re-writable CDs and multithreading. 0 0 10

create audio cds, re writable cds, burn ape to audio cd

ACR38 Smart Card Reader - The interface for the communication between a computer and a smart card

ACR38 Smart Card Reader is a USB full speed device, which is the interface for the communication between a computer and a smart card . ACR38 is a low cost, yet reliable and effective smart card to PC interface with design focusing on convenient use and harmony with other PC peripherals in shape 51 0 42

communication, effective, interface Metronome EXP - Metronome EXP, the musicians metronome

Metronome EXP takes the concept of a metronome and expands it with a host of features aimed at the practicing musician. Its accurate timing engine can play anything from a simple beat to complex drum patterns via the built in step sequencer. Virtually all time signatures are supported. Other 6 0 13

created file metronome exp, the concept of a metronome, versatile speed trainer SerialKey Builder 1.0 - Tool specially designed to help you generate serial keys

SerialKey Builder is a great tool specially designed to help you generate serial keys for your registration or activation system in a matter of seconds. When generating keys in SerialKey Builder you could use the build in Wizard or the Advanced Mode. Use the Wizard mode for easy hassle-free key 26 0 21

generate serial keys, create serial keys, build serial keys InTouch Lock 3.6 - Restricts access to Internet, files, folders, programs, USB devices and more...

Award-winning software to restrict access to your PC and private data. Allows you to block access to Internet, web sites, files, folders, disks, applications, desktop and more. Block files download, software installations and uninstalls . Prevent users from plugging and using USB Flash 13 0 19

intouch lock 3 6, prevent users, intouch lock AVS Ringtone Maker - Create and upload ringtones to cell & mobile device

AVS Ringtone Maker - the best way to add individuality to your cell! Create custom ringtones from any input audio of the following formats: MP3, WAV, AMR and upload it to cell phones & mobile devices via Bluetooth , IrDA or USB . Take your favourite song or a soundtrack from your 8 0 10

ringtone maker, create custom ringtones, create ringtones AutoEmail System 1.0 - This programm help you to make auto answer system on your emails. It can work with...

This programm help you to make auto answer system on your emails . It can work with many POP3 boxes and many scripts , that can help you to create special answer on key-words. 0 0 4

make auto answer system, emails, pop3 boxes WinHotKey 0.70 - Assign system-wide hot keys to perform tasks

The WinHotKey application was designed to be a small tool that will allow you to assign system-wide hot keys to perform tasks when you press a hot key combination . You can assign the following tasks for WinHotKey to perform: - Launch an application - Open a Document - Open a Folder - 15 0 22

assign system wide hot keys, launch an application, perform tasks iDevice Manager - Create ringtones for iPhone from MP3 or copy music, videos or photos from iPhone

Create personal ringtones from MP3 songs for the iPhone . iDevice Manager will enable you to download or upload music , photos, videos or ringtones from or to your iPhone. Search engine to find your favorite music and video artists, titles, genres, album, title of a year and much more. 7 0 19

create ringtones for iphone from mp3, copy photos from iphone, copy music from iphone AutoKeyClicker 1.2.2 - Automatically presses a key at a specified time interval

AutoKeyClicker is a lightweight and easy to use application that can send a keystroke at a user-defined time frequency. Its speed can reach up to one click per millisecond. AutoKeyClicker enables you to set the key you want to be pressed and the time interval. A list of the supported keys is 3 0 23

automatic key presses, presses key automatically, autokeyclicker

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